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Where Will Your Story Take You?


Where Will Your Story Take You?


For all your Bookish needs.




You don't have to edit or market that book while everyone else is enjoying life. We'll do it for you, so you can hang out in bed a little longer reading the latest from your favorite author. We work with beginning writers just starting their authorship journeys, established writers, and agents and publishers who are short on time and need bookish professionals in their corner. 

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you've slaved away on YOUR novel for months - maybe years - and you don't know what to do next.


Your friends tell you they love your story (or maybe they don't say anything). You've tried querying agents (or maybe you don't know what a query is). What do you do next? Do you show it to your significant other, join a writing group, take up knitting? If you've reached the point where you feel lost (or maybe hopeless), you need someone with an experienced editing eye -- a book editor, or, as we like to call them, a book doctor. We're here to read through your manuscript (no red pen), offer concrete feedback (and lots of support), and walk you through the next steps (finding an agent?) to help you move forward.

  • Angela enters into my writing, like it is a room, clearing away clutter, rearranging words and paragraphs and injecting focus. When she has finished, it is still my home, but so much improved.
    — Bill Dameron
  • Not only is Anne Clermont a gifted wordsmith, she's an amazing editor. Her insightful critiques for my fiction really cut to the heart of my intentions. I can't imagine not entrusting her with my writing.
    — Kris Waldherr, award-winning author of DOOMED QUEENS, THE LOVER'S PATH, and other books
  • I would like to recommend Anne Clermont as an editor. She took the time to read my memoir carefully and thoroughly, and her comments were both appropriate and instructive. As a writer she is familiar with the broad field of publishing choices available - as well as able to offer guidance, herself, when needed. I highly recommend Anne, whom I found to be helpful not only in regard to technical support, but as a friend as well.
  • My novel was finished, or so I thought. Then I hired Anne to edit it. She helped me step back from my work; and with her thorough edit, I re-examined paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and words in a crisp, new light. I put my novel in a sifter, lost the useless pieces, and reworked the interesting parts. Thanks, Anne.
    — T.M. Smith, Author of AFFECTION FOR CRIME
  • I reached out to Anne to assist me in reworking my writing. Her insights and masterful line-editing were very helpful in my revision process. She is quick, thoughtful, and supportive as an editor, characteristics that make her invaluable.
    — Erin Leary, writer, blogger,
  • You have provided me with tons of really good advice. I think I can make this sucker much better now. So, with your invaluable help, onward and upward.
    — Mark C., Journalist, Author of Literary Fiction


Let's get serious. A developmental editor focuses on the heart of your story. We'll work with you before you even start writing, or read through your draft manuscript, making notes using track changes, and give you specific feedback. Intention, premise, character development, structure, story arc, plot, voice, dialogue, pacing, all that juicy stuff, will be addressed. We'll tease out the essence of the story and provide concrete action steps. A substantive editor picks up where the developmental editor left off. Once your manuscript is done, we'll review it and make sure it is clear, cohesive, and, above all, readable.

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Is your manuscript (or novel, article, publication, blog post, etc.) close to the finish line? This is the time to look at every sentence, piece of punctuation, grammar and word usage, everything. Most people cannot edit their own work. That bears repeating. Most people cannot edit their own work. A copy editor does it for you.


You've reached the finish line and you're ready to send your "baby" out into the world. Stop. First, you need a proofreader, someone who will catch any leftover errors. How many times have you spotted typos in a text? That's a sure sign an author skimped and didn't hire a proofreader.   

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Cover Design

Cover Design

Let's Talk Book Covers


No one really judges a book by its cover (or, is it a Blink thing, and indeed they do?). You bet the first print edition of your favorite book your cover needs to pop, sing, and do the hokey pokey ... um ... draw the reader in.


Everyone knows the saying "never judge a book by its cover," but, really, we all do it. The cover is one of the most important tools in your marketing tool kit. It will convince someone (or lots of someones) to buy your book. Let's make sure your cover hits the right points, in the blink of an eye.

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Website Design

Website Design


How do you stand out?


With hundreds of thousands of books published every year (in the US alone), one of your biggest challenges will be attracting new readers (and keep them coming back for more).

Publishing is a business. You need a brand and a website.


Once you've taken that giant leap -- started a business or creative career -- you need a website that communicates your vision and mission, and showcases your products and talents. As business owners, writers, editors, and parents, we know how busy life gets. Even the simplest task can seem overwhelming. That's where we step in. Did we mention that we create websites and brands? Our websites grab your audience, attract readers, extend your reach (sadly, they won't walk the dog). And we love branding (no, not that kind; the other kind) and copywriting. We speak fluent marketing. SEO and analytics make us giddy. We design simple, yet powerful websites, while developing techniques to drive traffic. And we teach you how to update your own website. Joyfully. Painlessly. Artfully. An added plus, Anne is a Squarespace Circle Member, meaning she's worked on dozens of websites.

The final word (or words)? We are nerdy. We like designing websites that are beautiful and functional. Something that will make you proud. Something that makes us proud. 

  • Working with a committee is never easy, especially when it is made up of a ragtag group of volunteers. And yet Angela Knight and Anne Clermont, of Bookish Media, built a cohesive and meaning-filled website for the Friends of Hospice on the Northern Mendocino Coast. They helped us to transform goals and dreams into words and images. Angela and Anne were a total delight to work with. Always professional, they managed to make the project fun, and reduced the “overwhelm" into bite-sized tasks. We love our new Squarepace site, and it is the core of our plan for future fundraising and community outreach.
    — Cynthia Wall, President of The Friends of Hospice on the Northern Mendocino Coast, and author of The Courage to Trust.
  • I asked Anne for a simple but elegant website. And that is what she delivered. My website speaks for itself:
    — J. L. Brown, Author of DON'T SPEAK - A Jade Harrington Novel
  • Anne had the ability to take my ideas, simplify, distill, then create what I'd been trying to do for months. She went above and beyond my expectations.
  • I am new to the blogging world and needed help getting set up. Anne was a joy to work with! I am so new to the tech world and had no idea how to set up this blog. She had the patience to answer all my many questions and asked several of her own that I had not thought about. She anticipated my needs - which was amazing. Her work was incredibly fast and professional. She not only made notes as to what work she had done but also taught me how to make some changes to the blog myself as I grow. I will definitely seek her help in the future and definitely recommend working with her!
    — Sharon,

we design simple yet beautiful websites.




  • Five-page Squarespace website
  • Custom-designed "Coming Soon" temporary homepage
  • Easy-to-operate content management system
  • Responsive design optimized for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet
  • Design input before development
  • Import content from old blog
  • Site approval before going live
  • Targeted SEO and keyword implementation and tutorial
  • Favicon development
  • Tutorial on updating content

Custom packages available, including copywriting, email marketing, and branding. Let's talk.

Book Trailer for web.jpg

Book Trailer

Book Trailer

No, not that kind of trailer*.

A professional trailer for YOUR book or brand cOULD make sales TAKE OFF.


people love - and SHARE - videos. they are the difference between staying home or GOING VIRAL.


Most book trailers are boring old things, several minutes long, without any action. Who wants to watch paint dry?

Bookish Media's trailers are action-packed and quick, like a movie trailer. Comparing Bookish Media's book trailers to regular book trailers isn't like comparing apples to oranges. It's like comparing Beaufort d'Ete** to a Cheeto. But why would anyone do that?

*Although we do like camping.

**Gourmet cheese from cosseted cows.

Learning to Fall Book Trailer








You've written your book. It's going to be published. That was hard work, right? Now you find out you have to come up with a business strategy. And you really should do something on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You're fantasizing about a cottage by the sea with no internet connection where you can write and write and ... 

Stop Googling "cottage by the sea."

Take a deep breath.

We're here to help.

Anne and Craig will sharpen your business strategy (book publishing is a business, remember?), and help you decide which social media platforms to tackle. By discovering what makes you and your book unique, we can offer tailored choices regarding branding, budgeting, and marketing-channel (a fancy term for selling stuff). A strategic focus provides solutions. Our marketing tactics are designed to set you apart from your competitors, keep you on track, and build your fan club. We know which influencer (a fancy term for potential readers) is interested in your book based on data provided by your email and website, so you know who to follow up with and when, so you can confidently book that crucial media interview or ask someone to promote your work. 

Bookish Media recommends the following marketing tactics:

  • Develop a quality web presence, designed to put you at the top of Google searches and convey what is unique about you
  • Create a strong email newsletter program to attract subscribers. We assist by writing strong copy for your newsletters and designing them so they look great on smart phones, and reach the inbox, not the spam folder
  • Advertise on Facebook, and possibly Twitter and LinkedIn, in addition to creating a content-marketing program
  • Publish a distinctive author profile on Amazon and Goodreads
  • Choose the right strategy to build your unique brand and gain followers.

Publishing Consulting

Publishing Consulting



The publishing world is changing quickly: The birth of ebooks. Access to different self-publishing platforms. Decline in traditional publishing. Authors can get their work into the hands of readers faster than ever before. But -- and here is the caveat (also known as the big "but") -- with so many books in the market, your book must stand out. Quality writing combined with the best business strategy for your book; those tactics are as old as publishing itself. Sometimes all you need is to talk to someone about how to navigate this rapidly evolving and confusing industry. Questions like how to find an agent, how to write a query letter, self vs. traditional publishing, we've heard them all.

We stay on top of the publishing industry, and guide you through all that information, so you can stay on top of the world.

Let's set up a consultation.

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Drop Us A Line

Drop Us A Line

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