website, Office 365 and sharepoint support

Bookish Media knows that business owners have to constantly juggle many hats.

Worrying about your website or the hosting going down or being hacked shouldn’t be one of them!

When you’re working on a website you’ll come up with some questions. When you do, you’ll be happy to know Squarespace has 24/7 support. No kidding. They're amazing with an all US-based support. With WordPress you’ll have to look troubleshoot the problem yourself (spending some time on Google) or hire someone to help.

That is free support so it isn’t high-end. If they can’t fix your site, you can call or email Anne and she will be your superhero to solve your issue. There is no monthly ongoing fee for this - just a one hour minimum.

A professional can take the hassle out of the process of building and maintaining a site, especially if you want to make something truly stunning - on all devices - so you can then spend your limited time actually running your business.

Once of the reasons most site owners don’t need ongoing technical support is because the Squarespace ecommerce is handled by code that is written by professionals and not opensource there is less chance of the site being hacked. Data from sites is also encrypted with “SSL” so you don’t have to worry about being out of PCI compliance when taking credit cards over the internet.

Businesses who need help with setting up on Office 365 or SharePoint can now get help from us too with Jason Omens. If you are looking to go to the cloud instead of managing your own email and servers, get in touch for a quote. Jason does ongoing technical support too, so you can focus on running your business!

Note about WordPress

If you do have a WordPress site, you or someone you designate, absolutely needs on a regular basis:

  1. readjust firewall plugin settings,

  2. update all plugins,

  3. test those changes on a separate development server,

  4. only once tested, then transfer and publish to your “production” server.

To help with this testing on separate servers, we recommend our customers use WP Engine. It is also using Amazon servers which have passed national and international security compliance tests. Microsoft and Google hosting is similarly tested, which is especially important if you store personal medical information.

However, even with these precautions, hacking still happens since plugins are not 100% controlled by WordPress, so they have vulnerabilities. Even ‘big’ plugins like WooCommerce that are owned by WordPress can and have been compromised, bringing down the entire site and exposing your customers’ private information which you are responsible for under many State and International privacy laws.

International Privacy Laws (Which Are A Major Reason To Have Good Security and Support):