Need a new site?

Business owners have a huge list of responsibilities. With a new site, they shouldn’t have to also worry about:

  1. How fast it will load

  2. How it will look on any device

  3. Privacy-risk of taking credit cards or personal information

  4. Ranking well on local Google searches

  5. Updating plugins or having a server compromised by hackers

  6. Complex steps for adding their own blog posts.

Our sites free you from those worries - and look fantastic - so your customers are happy and it is something you are proud to market to the world.


Just need some help…

Most of our customers come to us with a great idea, but maybe haven’t 100% yet figured out:

  1. Writing style and messaging persona

  2. Design considerations such as font, spacing and photo selection

  3. Which platform, host, templates etc

  4. Marketing strategies and tools

  5. Legal mumbo-jumbo such as privacy, terms and conditions, accessibility etc.

If you need help with these, we happily help clients through these important steps, many times for free with a new site.


Have a site already?

Most current sites have been around for a while and outdated, plus Google is always changing their algorithms. Are you concerned about:

  1. User experience across desktop, tablet or phones being tough?

  2. Customers’ browser says ‘Not Secure’ when at your site?

  3. Google is penalizing your search rankings because it knows you are not mobile friendly or secure?

  4. Your local Google search ranking seems to be dropping?

  5. Your style is outdated and behind the times?

  6. Risk of getting hacked, where your customer data is stolen and your server is used to carry out other bad deeds?

  7. Having your server taken over by malware, making it run slow and putting you at risk of other problems?

  8. Not being able to update your site easily with new content - which hurts your search rankings?

  9. Not being able to get in touch with your current webmaster for consultation or updates?

Starting with a quick website/business audit covering four frequently overlooked but very important topics is a smart way to start. It covers:

  1. New privacy laws affecting most sites and newsletters

  2. Website security risks (hacking, ransomware etc.) 

  3. New accessibility laws affecting most business types

  4. Marketing best practices update from recent Google changes and services

This affordable and in-person audit also recommends suggested next steps business owners can do themselves.

Advanced Consulting

Business owners frequently know they need to make a change, but can’t decide between:

  1. Wordpress, Drupal, SquareSpace, Shopify, Sitecore, Adobe Experience Manager

  2. A smaller hosting company or if they should consider Rackspace or WP Engine

  3. Which compliance risk (PCI, ADA, GDPR, CalOPPA) they should prepare for and how

  4. How best to reduce risk to malware, ransomware and data theft

  5. Whether to spend more budget on advertising instead of content marketing.

Contact us to set up a time for a quick conversation about either of those topics.