Anne works side by side with owners to craft a site they - and their customers - will love.

And because owners always have a huge list of responsibilities for growing and maintaining their businesses, our sites are designed in a way that owners don’t have to also worry about:

  1. How fast it loads, looks and responds on tablets or phones

  2. How reliably it runs and behaves

  3. Having access to 24/7 tech support

  4. How it will look on any device

  5. Accepting credit cards or personal information

  6. Ranking on Google and Bing with great SEO

  7. Updating software every few months or weeks

  8. Hackers taking control of it or stealing sensitive information

  9. Paying for a complicated newsletter system that looks great

  10. Being able to easily update it themselves with new photos, blogs or text changes.

Bookish sites are ones owners are proud to represent them - and free owners from these concerns.




Many of our customers need help with either:

  1. Corporate branding

  2. Persona development

  3. Setting up a newsletter

  4. Leveraging Google/Bing

If you need help with any of these - just get in touch!




We provide half-day workshops where four areas are discussed:

  1. New privacy laws and options to manage

  2. New digital ADA risks and options to manage

  3. Ongoing security risks and options to manage

  4. SEO risks and opportunities to consider

Prior to the workshop we do a thorough analysis of your site and the industry you are in. This will allow for benchmarking against your peers. We go through our in-depth reports to help uncover both risks and opportunities. Time permitting, we then map out an action plan you can use to prioritize action steps for your IT development and marketing teams.




Business owners frequently know they need to make a change, but can’t decide on critical decisions such as:

  1. Which CMS to use externally and/or internally as a knowledge source or private community? There are many options including SquareSpace, two ‘versions’ of Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, Thinkific, Sitecore, Adobe etc.

  2. Whether to stay with a small host - or migrate your site to Azure, AWS, WP Engine or Google for example?

  3. Which compliance laws (PCI, HIPAA, ADA, GDPR or CalOPPA) should I be concerned about?

  4. Should you have a Privacy Notice, Terms of Use, Accessibility Statement on my site?

  5. How to reduce malware, ransomware and data theft risk?

  6. How can Office 365 make my business more secure?

Contact us to set up a time for an initial conversation.