new sites


Business owners have a huge list of responsibilities. With a new site, they shouldn’t have to also worry about:

  1. How fast it will load

  2. How it will look on any device

  3. Privacy-risk of taking credit cards or personal information

  4. Ranking on Google - with all the SEO bells and whistles

  5. Updating plugins or having a server compromised by hackers

  6. Complex steps for adding their own blog posts.

Our sites free you from those worries - and look fantastic - so your customers are happy and you are proud to have represent you.




Many of our customers need help with either:

  1. Corporate branding

  2. Persona development

  3. Setting up a newsletter

  4. Leveraging Google

If you need help with any of extra services, just get in touch!


Risk audit


Starting with a website risk audit covering security, privacy and accessibility risk exposures is now a necessary thing to do every year - especially with new threats and digital laws affecting small businesses not just the large ones. This is a low cost service that can prevent some serious problems.

Get in touch to book your site audit.


business consulting


Business owners frequently know they need to make a change, but can’t decide on critical decisions such as:

  1. Which CMS to use externally and/or internally, such as Wordpress, Drupal, SquareSpace, Shopify, Sitecore, Adobe?

  2. Whether to stay with a small host or go to Azure, AWS or Google?

  3. Which compliance risk (PCI, ADA, GDPR, CalOPPA) to prepare for?

  4. Should you have a Privacy Notice, Terms of Use, Accessibility Statement etc on your site?

  5. How to reduce malware, ransomware and data theft risk?

  6. When to migrate to the cloud, such as AWS or Office 365?

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