you've slaved away on YOUR business for months - maybe years - and you don't know what to do next.


Your business is doing ok, but has plateaued. What do you do next??

If you've reached the point where you feel lost, you need someone with an experienced editing eye -- a design specialist - and one who takes the time to learn about your business, what your customers value - and where you want to go in the future with it.



Is your site close to the finish line but needs an extra "umph" - or maybe it needs help getting out of the starting gate? 

Bookish Media has professionals on staff to collaborate hand in hand with your brand goals, design, and strategy to convert existing content into "web friendly content" or write entirely new copy.

From $275/page

  • Angela enters into my writing, like it is a room, clearing away clutter, rearranging words and paragraphs and injecting focus. When she has finished, it is still my home, but so much improved.
    — Bill Dameron
  • Not only is Anne Clermont a gifted wordsmith, she's an amazing editor. Her insightful critiques for my fiction really cut to the heart of my intentions. I can't imagine not entrusting her with my writing.
    — Kris Waldherr, award-winning author of DOOMED QUEENS, THE LOVER'S PATH, and other books
  • I would like to recommend Anne Clermont as an editor. She took the time to read my memoir carefully and thoroughly, and her comments were both appropriate and instructive. As a writer she is familiar with the broad field of publishing choices available - as well as able to offer guidance, herself, when needed. I highly recommend Anne, whom I found to be helpful not only in regard to technical support, but as a friend as well.
  • My novel was finished, or so I thought. Then I hired Anne to edit it. She helped me step back from my work; and with her thorough edit, I re-examined paragraphs, sentences, phrases, and words in a crisp, new light. I put my novel in a sifter, lost the useless pieces, and reworked the interesting parts. Thanks, Anne.
    — T.M. Smith, Author of AFFECTION FOR CRIME
  • I reached out to Anne to assist me in reworking my writing. Her insights and masterful line-editing were very helpful in my revision process. She is quick, thoughtful, and supportive as an editor, characteristics that make her invaluable.
    — Erin Leary, writer, blogger,
  • You have provided me with tons of really good advice. I think I can make this sucker much better now. So, with your invaluable help, onward and upward.
    — Mark C., Journalist, Author of Literary Fiction