SquareSpace Advantages

One of the many reasons we like SquareSpace, especially for small business owners, is it comes with features that are friendly to people with disabilities. “Out of the box” people can use screen readers and the keyboard to reliably toggle through the sections and links. Also, because the ecommerce is handled by code that is written by professionals and not opensource there is less chance of the site being hacked. Data from sites is also encrypted with “SSL” so you don’t have to worry about being out of PCI compliance when taking credit cards over the internet.


ADA, WCAG and 508 Compliance

There are four major scenarios where organizations must become digitally (in addition to physical requirements) accessible for people with disabilities.

  1. Your organization has more than 15 employees

  2. The public (as opposed to just other businesses) interact with it

  3. You are a federal department or agency

  4. Your organization hopes to contract with or receive funding (such as schools) from a federal department or agency.


Benefits of ADA Compliance

Other reasons to proactively get your website and other materials people interact with to be fully accessible:

  1. It can potentially result a better user experience for all people

  2. Improves goodwill with disabled people

  3. May be a topic for a positive press story

  4. Help broaden your pool of potential employees and partners

  5. Signals to Google that your organization is professional and good citizens, resulting in higher rankings

  6. Less stress for site owners to worry about potential litigation and/or negative press.

First steps to becoming “ADA website friendly”

There is a long list we provide clients on their journey to AA or AAA compliance guidelines set by W3C.org, but for starters here is what your site developer needs to do:

  1. Provide an assessment of your site's ADA violations

  2. Fix the violations as soon as possible

  3. Craft an Accessibility Statement with your attorney and place it on your site

  4. Recommend a company to review your internal systems and PDFs for compliance


How we can help

If you would like a referral to local attorneys who can help assess your risk and draft statements, or IT companies who can review your internal systems and PDFs, reach out to craig@bookish.media.

If your developer is not able to update it right away, reach out to anne@bookish.media for a quote.


We can also update Wordpress sites to be ADA compliant. First we migrate it to AWS or other highly secure hosting provider and update it with necessary security settings. Secure hosting, SSL, careful selection of plug-ins and proper access and security configurations are vital to be PCI-DSS compliant and protect customers’ personal information.

If you have health or EU information, then hosting on AWS, AZURE or Google is necessary since they are ISO 27001 and SOC 3 certified - important for being HIPAA and GDPR (for EU citizens) compliant.

Once your Wordpress site is migrated and secured, we then show you and your site developer the necessary steps to keep it secure and how to update it yourself.