digital accessibility


One in six people identify as having a disability. Because of this, it is important to think about this when designing a website. There are also now legal requirements, especially for schools, hospitals and federally funded organizations.


ADA, WCAG and 508 Compliance


There are four major scenarios where organizations must become digitally (in addition to physical requirements) accessible for people with disabilities.

  1. Your organization has more than 15 employees

  2. The public (as opposed to just other businesses) interact with it

  3. You are a federal department or agency

  4. Your organization hopes to contract with or receive funding (such as schools) from a federal department or agency.




Other reasons to proactively get your website fully accessible:

  1. It can result a better experience for all customers

  2. Improves goodwill with disabled people

  3. May be a topic for a positive press story

  4. Help broaden your pool of potential employees and partners

  5. Signals to Google that your organization is professional and good digital citizens, possibly resulting in higher rankings

  6. Adding Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice and Accessibility Statements most likely helps with Google rankings

  7. Less stress for site owners to worry about potential litigation.


steps to compliance


Here is what we can do to help get you WCGA AA compliant:

  1. Conduct an Accessibility Gap Analysis for your website

  2. Fix as many violations as soon as possible

  3. Craft an Accessibility Statement and add it onto your site

  4. If necessary, recommend a firm to view your internal systems and PDFs for compliance.

If you would like Bookish Media to do step one, the Accessibility Gap Analysis for your website, please get in touch for a quote.


How we can help


If you would like Bookish Media to do an Accessibility Gap Analysis for your website, please get in touch for a quote.

If you would like a referral to local attorneys who can draft an accessibility statements, or a service who reviews internal systems and PDFs, reach out to

If your developer is not able to update your site to be compliant reach out to for a quote. We can help with WordPress sites too.