Anne Clermont

Anne started Bookish Media because of her passion for making the internet better, one website at a time.

She loves nothing better than helping clients showcase their art and business, so that they can start realizing their dreams by making a living doing what they love.

Some of the people she has helped include:

  • three movie producers

  • four local artists

  • fifteen small businesses

  • two non-profits and

  • two art gallery owners.

Will you be next?

Reach out to Anne:

Some other interesting tidbits about Anne you can look up on LinkedIn are that she:

  • started out as a scientist at Berkeley, Xenogen and Genentech

  • publish in Nature Biotechnology for pancreatic cancer research

  • did Financial Intelligence with Wells Fargo (ya, not a bright point…)

  • ran her own successful equestrian business in California

  • wrote and sold over 12,000 copies of her first novel and

  • (of course) has an MBA from St. Mary’s College.

She is one smart cookie…and a great coder to make your site rock!

Anne Photo for website.jpg

Craig Clermont

Craig is available to help with:

  • Strategy formulation and best practices to help better execute those plans,

  • Selection of backend technologies, such as which CRM, CMS and ERP systems to consider,

  • Security considerations to help reduce the chance of data theft, ransomware or malware, and

  • Guidance on reducing risk from new privacy and accessibility laws such as PCI HIPPA, ADA and GDPR.

Business Seminars

Craig delivers seminars in the Seattle area on the following important business topics:

“Legal, Security and Google Changes Website Owners Need To Know”

“Key Business Benefits of Diversity in Team Decision-Making”

“Strengths and Challenges for Women in Team Decision-Making”

“Best Practices For Becoming A More Inclusive Workplace”

Each seminar includes tangible recommendations leaders can implement right away, a printout of the presentation, take-home workbooks and research papers the seminars are based upon.

Reach out to for pricing details.


Jason Omens

Jason brings over 20 years of IT and management experience. He now focusses on supporting small businesses with IT support and running Bainbridge Island’s OfficeXpats.

Jason has held multiple IT certifications, including:

  • MCSE


  • MCSA and

  • CompTIA. 

Most of Jason’s customers are law firms who rely on his responsiveness to keep them going - since every precious minute matters in law. He supports Servers, Office 365, Exchange migrations, PCs and Macs!

You can reach Jason for an initial consultation and pricing discussion at

Angela Knight

Angela loves to distill information from clients so it can have the greatest impact.

She has written for:

  • newspapers, 

  • magazines,

  • non-profits,

  • newsletters, and

  • blogs.

Angela can be reached at for an initial consultation.