Craig Clermont

aka “The Boss 2”

Craig attended the University of Guelph in Canada (that is where he met Anne!) and discovered he had an aptitude for business strategy through rigorous courses in economics, statistics, and marketing. With a Bachelor's Degree in Business/Managerial Economics, Craig started his career in computer programming, and then moved into marketing and sales positions while working for a leading bank and several top-notch technology companies. He blends his business acumen with the ability to craft stellar marketing and sales content, and advises on technology needs to support revenue streams and the merger of sales and marketing. What does that mean to the layperson? Craig speaks fluent sales and marketing. Before they relocated to the Pacific Northwest, Craig and Anne ran a popular equestrian training and boarding business in Northern California. 

Everything You Always Wanted to Know . . .

I'm pretty good at jumping horses. I also love practicing yoga and reading the Harvard Business Review, especially articles about the science of decision-making for teams and large organizations.



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